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We combine vehicle systems with technologies of telecommunications and informatics and the rest of the world. Why? The possibilities are limitless.
Services of vehicle - to - data center, vehicle-to - infotainment, vehicle-to - Whatever. The vehicle is the node in the network . With tipp 2 GO kombi we offer the central unit in the vehicle for data collection and distribution . Today we are focusing on CANbus connectivity , Tachograph data management , Taxameter integration , camera integration and audio integration . We are looking forward to what the future will bring.





tipp 2 GO combi Solution


Tachograph Integration

With tipp2GO tdi ( Tachograph Data Interface) you will expand your fleet management solution to a fully automatic download of driver - and front passenger data, as well as data from the tachograph . With tipp 2 GO tdi the data of driver / passengers and vehicle will be selected automatically using calendar and transmitted to the tipp 2 GO kombi to headquarters .


Telematic Data Management

For use in vehicles optimized hardware . Robust manufactured in optical bonding The telematics center in your vehicle provides all the necessary connections for an effective and cost-effective fleet management!


Taxameter Integration

Connected to the Taximeter output, at the end of the ride and the last fare by pressing the button (2) in the display mode) a driving record for data radio will be generated automatically. It is possible via the tipp 2 GO tdi ( Taxameter data integration ) interface to transfer the data to a driver APP .

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