CANbus Data Interface

tipp 2 GO cdi (CANbus Data Interface)

CANbus Data Interface


tipp 2 GO cdi (CANbus Data Interface)

This device changes the information from the vehicle’s CANbus data bus into a form understandable in the protocol designed by our company.

tipp 2 GO cdi is able to acquire numerous information about the car from a vehicle’s data bus including:

  • Ignition
  • Engine (on or off)
  • Total mileage
  • Total fuel used
  • Instantaneous fuel use
  • Amount of fuel left
  • Fuel reserve indicator (on or off)
  • Vehicle speed
  • Engine speed
  • Reverse gear (on or off)
  • Distance left before refuelling
  • Dynamic axle forces
  • Hand brake (on or off)
  • Brake pedal
  • Throttle pedal
  • Seat belt fastening control
  • Mileage covered
  • Door open
  • Mean fuel consumption
  • Time in travel
  • Mean vehicle speed
  • Eco-driving parameters
  • Driver’s assessment parameters


The amount of information about the car available depends strongly on the year of production, model and the manufacturer of the vehicle. A simple instruction is attached to every package of our device describing the correct wiring and connection (photos of the correct connections are included).

Our device stands out in the field thanks to:

  • Ability to work in RS232, TTL-RS232, FMS modes
  • Automatic search for vehicle’s codes allowing for installation of the device in vehicles we had not previously investigated
  • Codes for all vehicles are in every device’s memory
  • Remote upgrade via AVL (Automotive Vehicle Location Device)
  • Compatibility with many protocols Xon-Xoff, ASCII, etc.
  • Inclusion of power supply for CAN Click devices

tipp 2 GO cdi has the EU homologation certificate and the CE conformity marking.

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