tipp 2 GO fleet

The position of the vehicles in real time.

tipp 2 GO fleet

Known position of vehicles in real time.

tipp 2 GO fleetexact in real time

The basic functions in fleet management are track and trace, management of driving jobs and messaging management, working time recording and integrated truck navigation. GPS functions represent in corresponding maps / GIS systems.
The Global Positioning System (GPS) allows a GPS receiver to determine its location as well as its direction and speed and to transmit this data via the communication module.

With a well-known position of the vehicles in real-time you will be able to:

  • document driving distances and kilometers traveled
  • calculate the shortest and quickest route
  • link a driving job with its destination address
  • meet the best choice for a driver / vehicle pairing
  • obtain cost-effective and updated overview of all vehicles
  • take event-driven action. Optimize your fleet performance according to cost and time factors


Tipp 2 GO fleet enables the increasing number of dispatchers who need to know where your vehicles / drivers / transport goods are, in relation to their jobs. Fast response times for requests from internal and external clients allow you to give binding statements about the respective jobs. The module provides the ability for a dynamic and updated reaction to unforeseen events and changing plans.
The availability of current data provides you comprehensive options for data analysis and the export of this data in almost any format.


Extensive standard evaluation sorted by eg driver, vehicle, contract, customer will give at any time gapless informations about your fleet, employees and jobs.

Special Hardware

Our many years of cooperation with customers in various industries have given us a broad portfolio of 3rd party solutions for special requirements. Here are just two examples:
Containers require special monitoring with special battery-powered modules which respond only to a change of place, enabling long-term monitoring.
Trailers are monitored at rest, as containers are, follow after coupling but follow automatically the tractive unit which will then be correspondingly documented.

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