When returning faulty goods

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Defective goods? No problem!


2 GO Innovation subjects all offered products to regular quality controls. Despite extensive testing, problems with individual products can not be excluded because of the number of items shipped out.

Of course, articles related to 2 Go Innovation are subjected to a warranty. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

For optimum handling, apply first for an RMA number. RMA (Return Material Authorisation)  number denotes the identification number for a return of goods. This is possible without major complications through our RMA form.


What should be considered when returning the defective goods?

  • We offer a free service transaction only by 2 GO innovation-related goods.

  • Use the RMA form.
  • We will send an internal RMA case number to your registered e-mail address. This email also contains all the important information for further handling of the complaint.


  • Please send your goods without packaging and accessories (i.e. bulk) to us, because we can not assume any responsibility for the completeness of the otherwise supplied items.
  • Please note that computer hardware is usually susceptible to shocks. Therefore, package the return items carefully, in your own interest, since we can not take back improperly packaged products. Otherwise, we will be forced to return them with postage expenses charged to you.
  • Please do not use the respective sales packaging as a shipping container, because usually it  is not sufficiently padded. Articles can thus be transported insufficiently safe.
  • Place the RMA identification number clearly visible on the packaging. This will help our service, to separate incoming goods at the delivery and thus to work more quickly.

Postage / Costs

  • Please understand that 2 GO Innovation rejects acceptance of postage-free and freight collect shipments.
  • Our service technicians undergo an incoming test on the RMA goods returned to us. In the event that the goods are not having the error described or other mechanical damage is found, we reserve the right to charge a fee.
  • In the case of goodwill returns, such as the incompatibility of individual components, etc. credits rewarded carry a maximum value of the current value of the goods, less a shipping and handling fee.


RMA Formular
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