Taxameter Integration

takeover status and driving record Hale MICROTAX - 06

Taxameter Integration


Taxameter Integrationtakeover status and driving record Hale MICROTAX - 06

Via the port on Taximeter (Status informations) a driving data record will be generated autmatically at the end of a taxi ride, or by pressing the button (2) in the display mode (last fare).
It is possible with the tipp 2 GO tdi (Taxameter data integration) interface to transfer the data to a driver APP. As an added service, this data can be made available for transmission to a backend system via web service.


Technical connection options:

  • by BT Adapter
  • Cable bound PIN 26 ( orange ) or
  • PIN 12 orange ( Hale Can H ) PIN 11 brown - orange ( Hale Can- L )


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