Taxi solution

The solution for your passenger transport company

The solution for your passenger transport company


Taxi solution

tipp 2 GO is an all-inclusive solution for equipping a modern taxi company. The system consists of a program package, which contains a dispatcher and a vehicle application, and peripheral devices in the vehicle, such as POS/printer and TableTaxameter. The system supports a large number of functions such as complex algorithms to select the most suitable vehicle for the current driving order, order placement and order tracking, integrated navigation that guides the driver to the destination, payment of the invoice with credit and debit cards and invoice printout. In addition to the tipp 2 GO system, tipp 2 GO offers the end user the possibility to order the taxi via a free smartphone app. The app is available for Iphone and Android in several languages and can be used in all cities and countries in which at least one taxi company operates with the tipp 2 GO system.

The taxi market is changing rapidly. Legal requirements such as fiscal taxameter and minimum wages require concrete organisational measures on the part of companies. Transparency to increase efficiency places completely new demands on companies as well as on the IT systems in use or planned for use. We provide with our tipp 2 GO solution for: Improvement of business processes Extensive abolition of "paper planning". Mapping of business processes: Taxi rides, commercial customers, school transport and patient transport Optional integration of the telephone exchange (VoIP technology) in the dispatcher function Optional integration of digital radio (Push2Talk) for groups and single radio Interface for transferring data to accounting.

With a well-known position of the vehicles in real-time you will be able to:

  • document driving distances and kilometers traveled
  • calculate the shortest and quickest route
  • link a driving job with its destination address
  • meet the best choice for a driver / vehicle pairing
  • obtain cost-effective and updated overview of all vehicles
  • take event-driven action. optimize your fleet performance according to cost and time factors


Flexible trip dispatching to closest vehicle, vehicle in zones and trip bidding by drivers. Special rush hour rules with trip prioritization.








User friendly and fast trip booking with telephony integration. Flexible fixed (reoccurring) trip booking. Support for user roles (agent, supervisors,...)





Driver app & BCT

User friendly android based app. Automatic trip projection and synchronization with BCT. Integration with peripherals (NFC, QR code, BT printer, taximeter, panic alarm button, camera, POS,...).



Realtime system monitoring: trip violation monitoring, vehicle status/location/panic alarm monitoring. Driver communication (call requests, text messaging, ...).



Customer and principal trip invoicing. Entrepreneur trip and contribution invoicing. Statistic and revenue reports.





Customer app / portal

Smartphone app and web portal for customers (and principals). Trip booking and invoicing. Credit card payment.





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