tipp 2 GO kombi

Fixed-mounted with compatible 7" Touch Display

tipp 2 GO kombi

The complete solution consisting of box and display.

tipp 2 GO kombiRobust fixed installation with an additional 7" screen

tipp 2 GO kombi is a vehicle-centric Android™ telematics platform, consisting of a box fixed-installed and a 7 inch display manufactured in the bonding technology. Target group-specific practical requirements and automotive-related conditions characterize the functionality and design. It supports temperature ranges from -30 to +70, and mechanical shocks and vibrations. Versatile interfaces create the necessary conditions to use vehicles as a communication and interaction platform for mobile services. A robust, manufactured in "Optical Bonding process". The 7-inch display provides the necessary comfort in the field.


Advantages of tipp 2 GO

  • Flexible fix-mounting options
  • Taximeter Connectivity, radio button, vehicle data (CAN bus)
  • Infotainment interface
  • Microphones and speakers in good quality for digital radio
  • Use of existing audio infrastructure (microphone, speaker, button)
  • Robust, automotive temperature ranges, mechanical shocks, vibration
  • Tamper-proof, very good display operation even in varying lighting conditions (strong sunlight)
  • Power management for continuous operation in a taxi
  • Tamper-proof, very good display operation even in varying lighting conditions (strong sunlight)
  • Availability and Service of at least 5 years
  • Google® Android ™ 4.2 operating system

Technical Facts

Chipset                                1,0G A7-Dual Core CPU
Display Größe                     7”
Internal RAM                      1GB
Internal ROM                      8G NAND
Battery                                 2600mAh / 4400 mAh
Operating System               Android 4.2
Optional Functions             Wifi, BT, 3G, GPS, RFID (NFC)
                                              2 * USB, 2 * serial interface
                                              1 * RJ45, HDMI out
                                              CanBus interface, 2 general input und outputs
                                              1 * WebCam connection
                                              PTT interface (Mikrophone input,
                                              Audio output

Standard                              IP65

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