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2 Go Innovation has aligned their business processes in the areas of planning, fleet, warehouse and administration in recent years with the help of newly introduced standard software for the management of these processes. All vehicles are equipped with technology that provides the current communication between the vehicle and headquarters safely. Here, different hardware components are installed in the vehicles as required. After smartphones and tablets could not meet the necessary robustness, safety, and ease of use, it has, after extensive research on the market, decided to develop ist own hardware, that meets the needs appropriately. For this purpose, the 2 GO Innovation Competence Center was established with experienced users from the field as hardware designers with a hardware development and production, as well as software developers.
Staff with many years experience in the development, production and use of mobile services form the basis of Team 2 GO Innovation Competence Centre. The objective of this center of excellence is the development and marketing of hardware solutions for public transport, especially taxi companies, BOS, social services, logistics, insurance and leasing fleets of craftsmen.

Our team of experts focuses on the adaptation of the hardware to the customer’s optimally customized circumstances, to maintain the installation and integration work as efficiently as possible. We can fall back on many years of experience in the vertical markets.

A separate system development and graphic design area gives us the advantage of an always-updated and attractive interface alignment between human and machine.
All our products are tested and approved in-house by an intensive practical testing process in our own fleet of over 150 vehicles.

Our hardware has been specifically designed for fleet and mobile workforce management solutions and is sold through our network of partners worldwide.



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