tipp 2 GO kombi

The central unit in the vehicle for data collection and distribution.

tipp 2 GO kombi

The compact tracking and monitoring device in the vehicle.

tipp 2 GO kombiCANbus connectivity, Tachograph data management, meter integration, camera - and audio Integration

We combine vehicle systems with technologies of telecommunications and informatics and the rest of the world. Why? The possibilities are limitless. Services of vehicle - to - data center, vehicle-to - infotainment, vehicle-to - Whatever.
The vehicle is the node in the network. With tipp 2 GO kombi we offer the central unit in the vehicle for data collection and distribution. Today we are focusing on CANbus connectivity, Tachograph data management, Taxameter integration, camera integration and audio integration. We are looking forward to what the future will bring.

Our mission: create great mobility products and services for our partners and for their end customers.

For this purpose, we bring our complete telematics experience and support you through our range of vehicle -related services to help you to develop future mobility. We are open-minded and forward -thinking practitioners. All our products are thoroughly tested in our own fleet and used in daily use. Together with our many years of development partners we are in the vehicle and consider carefully what develops at the interface to the outside. Our vision is a world with safe and end customer -friendly mobility .

tipp 2 GO kombi the central unit in the vehicle for the following solutions:

  • taxameter integration
  • tachograph integration
  • CANbus data management
  • digital radio
  • FMS
  • reversing camera
  • passenger counting
  • credit card reader
  • navigation
  • emergency call
  • and many more


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