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Transparency of tours, locations, driving times and rest and break times



The perfect solution for your buses

You need transparency about journeys, current locations, as well as travel and rest times of your drivers?
You have to minimize the entrepreneurial risk? You would like to protect your buses against accidents?
You want to reduce costs and automate processes?

tipp 2 GO combi offers you all these advantages at a sensational price!

tipp 2 GO kombi is a vehicle-centered, Android ™ telematics platform, consisting of a fixed in-vehicle box and an additional 7-inch display manufactured using the optical bonding process (more stability, lower sensitivity, better readability under the sun Connectivity and Usability of Camera WITHOUT an additional monitor, tachograph, CanBus, or digital radio, increases your efficiency and economic advantage.

tipp 2 GO combi

The basic functions in fleet management are track and trace, management of driving orders and messages, work
time recording. GPS functions represent in corresponding maps / GIS systems. The Global Positioning System (GPS) allows a GPS receiver to determine its location and speed, direction and time, and transmit it via the communication module.

tipp 2 GO combi
Fleetmanagement & Tachograph integration

tipp 2 GO offers a simple and automated online transmission of driver and front passenger information (stand, steering, rest periods, etc.) allows for quick action and reduces the entrepreneurial risk of misconduct, current
driver and vehicle data offer extensive analysis options.

tipp 2 GO combi
Fleetmanagement & rear view camera

In addition to the functions of fleet management, tip 2 GO offers the prudent safety package. Without additional display, any camera reversing systems are offered. From the normal rear view camera up to the 360 ° camera,
all signals are displayed on the tip 2 GO combination display. Safety first and backwards!

Optional accessories

tipp2 GO offers for tip 2 GO combi various specially matched accessories

Tachograph integration

With tipp 2 GO tdi, driver / passenger and vehicle data are made available via a standardized RS232
interface. The data can then be transferred via web service to higher-level fleet management systems. But
there is also the possibility of using the data a stored calendar by an automatic process read and via
tipp 2 GO combi to the Central office to transfer.

Reversing cameras

If you look behind, it's better! Avoid expensive property damage and benefit from Insurance discounts
through the integration of LUIS return systems. From the single camera solution up to the 360 °
allround visibility system especially for buses: tip 2 GO offers all levels of safety. The video image is
transferred to the 7 "display of the tip 2 GO combo. The high quality cameras out The LUIS house has
viewing angles up to 180 °, built-in heaters and powerful Night vision function. LUIS gives a 48 month
warranty on all cameras.

Digital radio

Thanks to talk-ip PTT is only one button on the tipp2GO combo display or connected Wireless push
button needed to reach colleagues and drivers directly.


Safe and efficient on the road ... especially for buses and trucks. The IGO Primo Truck provides you
with a route tailored to your vehicle. Based on the information you entered: width, length, height,
weightNumber of axles, with or without trailer.

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