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Thus one runs in the future.

tipp 2 GO carsharingThus one runs in the future.

Today 270 German cities offer the opportunity for car sharing. 165,000 members use around 4,700 vehicles. Thus, Germany is the largest car-sharing market in Europe. According to a forecast from Frost & Sullivan, the number of vehicles will rise up to 19,000 by 2016, and the increase of users to 1.1 million. This development is the trend of declining new car registrations * accelerate.

In particular, low-mileage drivers can save a lot of money with the CarSharing (from several hundred to more than a thousand euros per year), as testers of Stiftung Warentest found out. So private cars are used only about an hour a day, according to statistics, on average. Furthermore, a recent Forsa survey (December 2012) showed that already 44 percent of Germans can imagine the future use of car sharing.

* Information from Studies Forts & Sullivan

Fast and convenient

Tipp 2 Go offers a car sharing solution that allows for the fast and convenient access to the temporary use of a vehicle. The use is intended for individual or corporate clients.
The solution provides the use of on an hourly or daily basis, the vehicle can easily be taken over by a pre-determined parking.
By means of a membership card, registered members / users of the car sharing service can simply open the car and drive off by just swiping the card through a card reader installed behind the windshield of the vehicle.
Of course, only if a corresponding reservation was made previously on this membership card for exactly this vehicle.
The return is done by logging off, and locking the vehicle on the intended parking.

Main features

  • Administration, Reservation
  • Open and Closing of the doors
  • Timer activation and deactivation
  • Positioning data
  • Handling of exceptions



  • Call center
  • Tank inspection
  • Accident sensor
  • e-Call / PTT



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